Here’s why your paid influencer fundraising campaign isn’t successful.

Online influencer based fundraising has taken the nonprofit world by storm in the last two years, particularly live streaming fundraising. On Twitch alone $55 million was raised for nonprofits world wide in 2019, up from $42 million in 2018.

Media and consulting agencies are taking notice and looking to get a slice of the pie. They are pitching creative brand x influencer x nonprofit crossovers and nonprofits are spending more than they are getting in return and when a paid influencer fundraising campaign performs poorly hopes of getting internal resources to fully support influencer fundraising dwindles.

Media and consulting agencies cannot create an authentic relationship between your organization and the influencer doing the fundraising. Influencers are in the business of authenticity and a media or consulting agency will not tell your story the way you do. They will do exactly what is asked of them and often agencies ask influencers to tell the story in an inauthentic way without the best tools. Additionally, these influencers are uninvested in becoming a reoccurring fundraiser for you.

Influencers know their audience better than you do.

The goal of any nonprofit organization is to create an environment of reoccurring fundraising and donations, paid activations do not yield a year over year commitment (unless you pay for it year over year).

While it is not instantly scaleable creating your influencer fundraising program –– it is worth it, especially on Twitch. Nonprofits who make the necessary investments in the community and the influencers (Twitch Creators) they ask to fundraise will thrive.

The necessary investment is an authentic relationship.

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Originally posted on LinkedIn on March 6, 2020