Why aren’t you live-streaming on Twitch yet?

The Twitch platform is a magical place for charities and NGOs. Not only does the community fundraise and spread awareness for you, but your organization can branch and stream too. 

You are probably reading this right now thinking, “my organization doesn’t have anything that would draw in viewers or build a community on Twitch.” 

And you would be very wrong.

“So Alyssa, tell us what should we be live-streaming?

  • Question and Answer sessions – many of your organizations would benefit by putting a face or two to your organization. People trust people (faces) not organizations. You can even do things during your Q&A sessions (color, paint, play Stardew Valley, exercise… whatever floats your boat). 
  • Public Panels – use the cool and awesome features (like extensions) on Twitch to field questions, vote or get suggestions.
  • A tour around your facilities – You can live-stream directly from your phone and showcase the work your organization is doing in real time to people who could become donors or even better –– fundraisers! This is great for research centers, food banks, animal conservation, shelters and more! 
  • Animals – if your organization has a central location with animals. Animal cams 24/7. Seriously, animal streams. 

The best part about live-streaming yourself is you can collect donations through your organization’s live-stream and let others know how they can mobilize for you. And you don’t need to be live-streaming video games. In fact, it’s better if you don’t. Video games are a saturated market –– be unique, try something new! And don’t forget to tell your base when you’re live on Twitch!

There are a few things you should consider as you venture into this amazing community.

  • Be consistent –– it’s better to stream three times a week at least 2-3 hours at time. If all your organization can do is once a week/month for a set period of time, that’s okay. Just be consistent. (You can’t watch your favorite tv shows if you never know when they’re live)
  • Moderation –– Twitch has great moderation tools. Use them and use them liberally. 
  • Tell everybody you are live –– more of your base would watch than you think they would. People on Twitch are not an “other” and they won’t respond too well if you act like they are.
  • Have fun!

Got questions shoot me an email charity@twitch.tv

Here are some resources for live-streaming.

See you live on Twitch!

Originally posted on LinkedIn on March 13, 2020