about me

Texas-raised and California Bay area-based social impact and celebrity/influencer fundraising specialist. 

I found my passion for influencer fundraising through video games and Twitch while in college. During my final year of college, I found video games and started streaming them on Twitch; within my first month of streaming, I joined a gaming/streaming group that raised money for charities through video game live streaming. I was fascinated and learned everything that I could find on charity live-streaming. As there wasn’t much information in 2015, I developed strategies within the group I joined to help improve our fundraising efforts. And later in 2016 formed my own gaming organization, Gallant Gamers.

Soon, I connected with charities and started pitching live streaming. I explained that my group would like to fundraise for them, but we preferred interactive live tools to do so. My first success was the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. AFSP signed-up on Tiltify in 2016 and has seen much success since. 

Organizing and development of charity live streams continued through graduation and my short-lived teaching career as a second grade English Language Arts teacher. At the end of my first year of teaching, Twitch approached me and asked me to consider applying for the charity program associate role. Throughout the process, I thought I was going to stay teaching even if I received an offer. I accepted the offer in early May of 2017 and started working at Twitch in June. 

Since joining Twitch, I have helped to shape the team and Twitch’s charity strategies along with its guiding principles to support the philanthropic endeavors for both the company and Twitch’s community. I have spoken at professional charity conferences around the world, explaining the magic of influencer fundraising and how charities can engage and succeed in this new innovative fundraising era. 

I was instrumental with bringing-to-life projects such as Twitch Stream Aid and Twitch Unity campaigns. And supporting organizations like No Kid Hungry, Wounded Warrior Project, and Movember to actualize their vision in the influencer fundraising sphere.

In addition to my experience with supporting Twitch’s internal projects and supporting charities’ program launches, I have guided celebrities joining Twitch as they navigate charity fundraising and the best practices involved.

Outside of my role at Twitch, I’ve consulted with influencers and their talent agencies on how they may utilize their additional revenue stream platforms like Patreon, OnlyFans, Instagram, and other streaming services to fundraise or execute on a social good impact moment.

My passion is corporate social responsibility, celebrity social good impact, influencer fundraising, diversity advocacy, and everything in between. I am strategic when developing strategies, and I’m a creative problem-solver. I support the efforts in creating moments that are unique and exciting for influencers, celebrities, or brands, their fanbase, and style.